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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Left vs. Right: My Responsibility, All Places, All The Time.

Parenting Right: I am shocked at all the gratuitous swearing lessons seem to have along with the general sexualisation of children.

No Morals Left: **** you ****! This is how the world is you ****so get ****!!

Parenting Right: Well I object and I disagree with your world assessment there, the world isn't all like you say it is and having a belligerent foul mouthed approach certainly won’t help the kids get a job.

No Morals Left: And what would you know?

Parenting Right: Being in the mainstream workforce, a lot more than you would. I know you have no experience at other jobs whatsoever.

No Morals Left: As if, you don’t get to be a teacher by not knowing more than everyone else! Now **** off, I’m about to teach sex education, this is important!

Parenting Right: What you've been teaching children is beyond basic sex education, it is too soon for them to know too much beyond the basics. I am so happy all teachers aren't like you so this forcing too much too soon on children is not universal.

No Morals Left: So you’re an anti-gay, anti-freedom fascist. Why aren't I surprised?

Parenting Right: Young kids do not need to know much else beyond the basics, they are not emotionally ready for too much.

No Morals Left: You just want to spoil it all for them!

Parenting Right: When they learn the truth of certain things it will be a real spoiler. You’re teaching them they can do whatever they want without concern for the consequences. Some of the practices you’re promoting can cause injuries and serious long term problems down the track.

No Morals Left: You keep your white middle class outdated morals away from me you racist!

Parenting Right: Decency isn't just a white thing, it’s universal and you’re the racist for suggesting it's a white thing only.

No Morals Left: Up yours, you have no say in this, it’s nothing to do with you so keep your nose out of it.

Parenting Right: My children are my responsibility and my business 24/7! That does not end the second they go into school. You are supposed to be working on my behalf to give my children a real education, not setting up your own little fiefdom and using the children as a captive audience to push your own agenda. 

No Morals Left: Whatever you ****! You have no say in this, who do you think you are anyway?

Parenting Right: The parent who’s telling you I have a say and that my rights as a parent override your desire to push your own agenda and I'm also a parent who won’t let their children be mistreated!

No Morals Left: You have no say in this, you have no right to interfere! We are encouraging the children to explore their sexuality and we’re helping them to do it!! Hey, where are you going?

Parenting Right: I’m getting my kids away from you then I’m going to the police. When an adult is encouraging kids to explore their sexuality it’s time for the police to be informed. The law applies as equally to you.

No Morals Left: You racist!

Parenting Right: Stay away from my children you pervert!

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