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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Left vs. Right: The Lefts View And Reality.

The Leftist View:

Noble Caring Socialist Person (whose race or gender is not an issue here etc. etc): Now that my  devastating rhetoric has defeated you for all time you will now admit our ways are superior and you will pay more taxes so we can do what we have to do for the good of everyone. You know you cannot protest our plans and you think it’s right that you go to jail if you disagree with us.

Horrible Uncaring Conservative (who is obviously a white male etc. etc.): Take all of my money! I will also borrow more for you and work hard to pay it back!! I see that left wing parties should have more money for things like saving the world and financing their friends green companies! Those worthwhile left wing programs like that need more money!! I now realise that welfare really is a career choice and it will help the friends of the left find themselves and be better people contributing to society with their protests and campaigns for even more free contraception! We should also give everything to the noble leaders of the third world whose people have been repressed by the Western world, we must free them so they can finish the socialist paradises they have already started to build. I promise you there will be more money!!


The Real Left: You racist! I should have more money so I can buy some video games so I’ll have something to do with friends between protests against capitalism!! My welfare won’t cover it! The world owes me!!

Always Right: Get a job you shiftless parasite and stop leeching off society, nobody owes you a thing!

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