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Monday, 3 March 2014

Left vs. Right: The Climate Is Alright

Leftist Loudmouth: You racist!

Totally Right: You traitor! And on top of that you’re heartless, evil violent hypocrites.

Leftist Loudmouth: Oh that’s rich coming from gun owners!

Totally Right: Oh yes, the most violent places on Earth are where gun owners are such as shooting ranges, the targets that are used are never the same are they? Mind you where the gun owners are there is no need of these ’rape free zones’ that are set up when you traitors congregate and complain about the very state that pays your welfare. In other words gun owners, not violent despite what you claim!

Leftist Loudmouth: Well what about that rodeo clown dressed as Obama and the nasty signs about Gillard?

Totally Right: So what about the rodeo clown, that’s not gun violence. And where were you lot when there was a rodeo clown dressed as Bush? And the left were silent when an effigy of Abbott was decapitated, imagine the uproar if it was an effigy of Rudd or Gillard being depicted!

Leftist Loudmouth: Umm, well what about Tea Party rallies? Some of the people a Christians and might pray in public, that’s offensive!

Totally Right: So when Muslims have taken over streets in places like New York and Lakemba you’ve been offended and spoken out about it?

Leftist Loudmouth: Umm, well what about the disrespectful way you talk about Obama at Tea Party rallies?

Totally Right: We point out what he’s doing to America and again, we don’t need to have ‘no rape zones’. And it’s not because of our guns either, we respect women. Also we don’t leave a major mess behind which means we are more environmentally friendly than you lot are.

Leftist Loudmouth: You lot deny climate change and are like Nazis wanting to kill people. Denying climate change is like racism!

Totally Right: We know the climate changes, we just don’t believe your fake take on it. And just to let you know, the climate is not a race.

Leftist Loudmouth: Climate deniers should be prosecuted for not believing, scientists have said it’s real, they can’t be questioned.

Totally Right: Yeah, if we question them it’ll all come apart because the answers will be obvious lies and will further demonstrate it’s all a scam.

Leftist Loudmouth: You say you believe in a form of climate change, you didn’t say that a few years back and all of a sudden you now have a ready-made ‘oh you now believe but all of us who were on board from the beginning are wrong’ angle on it. Talk about changing your answer when caught out!

Totally Right: Well you changed the name of the scam. When you called it global warming we pointed out that the Earth has been warming and cooling throughout history. When you realised the Earth isn’t warming and you changed the name to climate change we modified our answer to cover the change and counter your current pack of lies.

Leftist Loudmouth: I’d have you deniers locked up for that!

Totally Right: Yeah, freedom of speech and the truth is a threat to you and your lies. You have no regard for people, absolute hypocrisy, if it wasn’t for your double standards you wouldn’t have any.

Leftist Loudmouth: We care for life! That’s why we do what we do like when we held a vigil for the asylum seeker killed at the Abbott's inhumane camps!

Totally Right: You have no regard for life. What about the 1000+ illegal immigrants who drowned after the ALP dropped the border controls? Not a peep out of you is there?? But once the ALP is no longer in government and a person dies in the camps that the ALP themselves setup all of a sudden it’s an opportunity for you to twist things around so you can have a go at the current government! You turned someone’s death into a political statement in an attempt to further your lies.

Leftist Loudmouth: Whatever we do is justified to stop you racist, misogynist climate deniers.

Totally Right: Lies and violence are justified to stop us? And you want to stop us because you’re making sure you fool yourself into believing the lies you made up about us??

Leftist Loudmouth: We have to get our way! Anything we do is OK to get what we want!!

Totally Right: Yours is a way based on lies and violence and is not in this country’s best interests. You are a traitor.

Leftist Loudmouth: And you’re a climate denier!

Totally Right: Yep, it means I haven’t fallen for you carbon dioxide scam.

Leftist Loudmouth: You racist!


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