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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Left vs. Right: Charity Begins At Home.

Freeloading Left: We must do more for the refugees, we owe it to them!

Always Right: How do we owe it to them?

Freeloading Left: Well they have been through so much!

Always Right: But how does that oblige us to do anything for them? We have people here who are losing everything and are forced to sleep in cars or on the streets. Meanwhile charities, shelters etc. are being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants.

Freeloading Left: Oh, that’s just typical xenophobia from you racists! Stand up for Queen and country and keep the foreigners out at all costs so our people can live a life of luxury at the expense of the refugees.

Always Right: I never suggested that and you know it. I am saying though that charity begins at home.

Freeloading Left: Oh yes, charity for white people only, never mind the other races.

Always Right: Given that this country is home to other races as well and since I haven’t mentioned race it certainly isn't how you’re trying to suggest. I believe it is unfair that someone who is already in this country and often has contributed to the country is overlooked when they need help. Helping others is one thing but we certainly aren't responsible for what’s happening in those countries. Where’s all the money for all this supposed to come from anyway?

Freeloading Left: Where else, the taxpayer!

Always Right: A term that that doesn't apply to many of you lot and as usual you’re generous with other people’s money!

Freeloading Left: I pay tax, like the GST.

Always Right: You receive taxpayers money, you’re not paying the GST, the taxpayers funding your welfare are.

Freeloading Left: No, I pay taxes so it gives me the right to say how tax money should be spent, more money to help the refugees!

Always Right: How can you think it’s fair that a taxpayer who has worked hard and then fallen on hard times should be allowed to lose everything right down to their home while illegal immigrants are given homes and other items all at taxpayers expense especially when many of the people losing their homes are the ones who paid the tax money being used to begin with? The people who earned the money to begin with are being left out in the cold. Literally in many cases.

Freeloading Left: I see what you are saying here, with those taxpayers losing their homes and everything we should use taxpayers money to buy their homes really cheap and then house refugees. After all, we owe it to the refugees to help them continue their way of life, it’s certainly superior to ours!

Always Right: Superior? If it’s superior why are they fleeing from their country to begin with? And if they recreate it here all they’ll do is bring all the problems along that go with it.

Freeloading Left: It’s the country they live in that’s the problem, coming here and tasting freedom changes them, they appreciate what we give them.

Always Right: It often doesn't change them and many are bringing intolerance with them. Since nothing I say will sink in I will phrase this though in a way that you will understand, if you keep forcing taxpayers out of their jobs and homes tax receipts will plummet and there’ll be cuts to things such as welfare.

Freeloading Left: Politicians wouldn't cut welfare and people like me contribute so much! I’ve been on a lot of marches!! Anyway, I’d have thought you’d be overjoyed at welfare cuts!

Always Right: Yeah, you’re the classic ‘rent a crowd’! There are some cuts that do need to be made but if the tax base erodes people who genuinely need welfare will be hurt. You’ll definitely lose yours and don’t think your favourite politicians will help you, they’ll take care of themselves first.

Freeloading Left: No! They’d borrow more money, they can cut pensions and aged care, they could cut the tax benefits families get!! They don’t deserve them!

Always Right: They’d leave you out in the cold and you know it! You’d have to find a job and since you’re unskilled you may find a lot of competition from illegals who are often limited in the work they can get.

Freeloading Left: You racist!

Always Right: You traitor.

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