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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Left vs. Right: You Want To Keep Your Money? How Greedy Is That?

Friends of Obama: You’re racist and you’re greedy.

TEA Party People: Why do you say that?

Friends of Obama: Because you’re objecting to a tax increase I’m proposing that will help gay and lesbian parrots get in touch with their inner feelings.

TEA Party People: You bet I am. For one thing I am Taxed Enough Already and also this is your own little project. Something like that should not be funded with taxpayer’s money.

Friends of Obama: You always say your Taxed Enough Already whenever we propose an increase in taxes.

TEA Party People: Yeah, because now I have no more money to spare because of your other scams that are ripping me off. It’s one thing to be taxed to pay for roads and basic welfare but it’s gone beyond that. Anymore I will end up bankrupt.

Friends of Obama: So just get a second job, jeez, how hard it to do that?

TEA Party People: What would you lot know about working. Anyway, because of you there are no more jobs out there and I don’t want to have to work 16 hours a day just to pay for your wish list and scams.

Friends of Obama: Well you could go on welfare.

TEA Party People: I don’t want you scammers controlling me. In any case if we all went on welfare there’d be no one earning money to pay the taxes that fund welfare.

Friends of Obama: We’ll just borrow more, it’s not a problem.

TEA Party People: If no one is working then there’ll be no taxes to fund the repayments.

Friends of Obama: Why do you TEA Party People keep bringing up facts into these discussions? They are getting in the way of our agenda. I’m going to have to call you racist again.

TEA Party People: And I’m going to keep telling people that you aren’t the fool you pretend to be and that you have an anti-American agenda.

Friends of Obama: We just want to redistribute the wealth, wouldn’t you like a taste of it? We could give you a free phone right now.

TEA Party People: I want my country to be free of you and your parasitical friends who are sucking the life blood out of our country. Your version of redistribution is nothing to do with being fair or helping people who need help, it’s about you and your friends helping yourselves to our money.

Friends of Obama: Oh stop fighting us, just give in, it’ll be easier for you.

TEA Party People: My choice is make the effort now to stop you or simply to give up. I prefer my freedom and in any case it would take me much more effort to live enslaved by you than it would take to stop you.

Friends of Obama: I’m going to call you a racist, you’ll be sorry!

TEA Party People: The only thing that will make me sorry is if I give in to you and that is not ever going to happen!

Friends of Obama: OK, you asked for it. You’re racist for opposing us. Ooohh, we have you now.

TEA Party People: You people aren’t a race, you’re part of an ideology and there’s no such race as ideology. You might have most of the media on side but the truth is getting out about what you really are. We are Taxed Enough Already and we are Taking Every Action to stop you. We will never surrender, got anything else to say about that besides racist?

Friends of Obama: Ummmmmm your sexist?

TEA Party People: Ideology is not a gender either. Anything else to say?

**Crickets chirping**

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