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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Left vs. Right: What’s In A Name?

Leftist: You’re racist!

Conservative: How?

Leftist:  You just are!

Conservative: What is racist about us?

Leftist: Look at what you do, it’s racist.

Conservative: What’s racist about it?

Leftist: It just is.

Conservative: Can you actually back up what you’ve said and provide some example?

Leftist: Because of what that person over there said.

Conservative: I am not responsible for what that person said and what they said doesn’t refer to race anyway.

Leftist: You’re just a bunch of racists, I’m going, I’ve got better things to do!

Conservative: In other words you played the race card, it failed and since you’re actually expected to back up your claim and can’t you’re running off. Bye bye.

Leftist: That’s not it! I just can’t talk to you racists.

Conservative: We aren’t racist, nothing you’ve said proves we are. We’re just not buying into your lame comments and that’s pretty much what you mean when you say you can’t talk to us. We’ve proved we aren’t racist, we’ve repeated comments we find appropriate from people of different racial backgrounds and we’d hardly do that if we were racist. Anyway you said you were going, why have you come back?

Leftist: Because you’re racist! I bet you feel sorry now I’ve called you that.

Conservative: No, basically by repeatedly calling us racist when the proof is there that we aren’t you’re just admitting you can’t back up what you say and that in fact your claim we are racist is nothing but a load of rot.

Leftist: No, that’s not the case! You racist you!! I win the argument, you lose! Yes you do!!

Conservative: Please present the real evidence then, not some vague rubbish of what someone else said or suchlike.

**Crickets chirping**

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