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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Left vs. Right: It's Not Alright.

Never Right: Socialism is the way of the future, you will embrace socialism and it’s the better way.

Always Right: Yeah, it’s always worked so well that people try and leave the countries that have it.

Never Right: Ummmm, they just don’t know what’s best.

Always Right: Socialism, ideas so good they have to be mandatory to make the people accept them!

Never Right: They just don’t know what’s best for them!

Always Right: And you do? A scruffy little person on welfare who spends all day playing video games? How can a system that has had people dragged out of their beds in the middle of the night and shot simply for disagreeing with the official way be good for people?

Never Right: Well they should accept what’s best for them anyway what you just said could never happen in the west, you’re just too paranoid!

Always Right: You can’t guarantee it won’t happen, in America the NSA is actually spying on American citizens and people worldwide, here the last lot of socialists passed laws to stifle criticism of their scam taxes, they also attempted to censor the Internet.

Never Right: Oh  I’m sure it will be fine, after all it’s not as bad as some other countries and if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear so stop being hung up on your privacy, it’s all for the greater good.

Always Right: I’m not banking my wellbeing on your uninformed comments. We can’t just say to ourselves it’s not as bad as other countries because if we keep accepting these continued infringements on our rights we will have it as bad as other countries. We need to stop these attacks on our freedom now because if we let things get bad as elsewhere it will be too late.

Never Right: You racist!

Always Right: The right to freedom is not racist and it has been embraced by the members of many races.

Never Right: That doesn’t count, they’re conservatives like you.

Always Right: And they won’t sit back while people like you who have never left home let alone had a job and actually earned anything try and destroy our way of life. That said though it’s no real effort to stop you and your friends, you’re just useful fools who follow the agenda laid out by the modern day socialists who will toss the likes of you aside should their anti-democratic Agenda 21 type plans ever come to fruition.

Never Right: No! They will worship me and my friends for all the help we gave them!!

Always Right: Actually they’ll expect you and your friends to be the ones doing the worshiping and if one particular brothel hopping friend of theirs is around they’ll be expecting more than worship from you.


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