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Monday, 10 February 2014

Left vs. Right: Go Easy On Her While She Rakes In The Money

The Right: So much for your champion of women’s rights, when she encountered real abuse she backed away.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, she can’t take on all of them!

The Right: So she likes to talk big, just not back up her words.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, you can’t expect her to go to another country and tell them what they should do.

The Right: Oh no, they might not pay her.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, her speech may help lay down the groundwork for inspiring those women to free themselves.

The Right: She claimed she’d call misogyny out wherever she saw it but when a real opportunity to do so arose she kept firmly focused on the money. She had no problem with that because she knew that there’d be people like you making excuses for her not living up to her grandiose claims.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, she may have been tired from fighting all the misogyny she faced in Australia.

The Right: Pretty much all of the misogyny she faced was make believe and made up to be a ready-made excuse to cover how she was deliberately looting the nation.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, I’m sure that’s not the case.

The Right: She splashed our money around and used it to catch the attention of people who give lucrative jobs to ex politicians and she’s taken this job on top of the six figure pension she got straight away. And on top of that she still asked for more money on the way out.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, she’s a victim of misogyny, you’re being sexist.

The Right: I’m being factual and you know it.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, you should have gone easy on her you know, she’s a woman.

The Right: Doing that would be sexist, we treated her based on what she did, not on her gender and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, well that’s what we say but you know……

The Right: Like her you don’t actually live up to what you claim you’ll do.

Oh, ah, well she um, hey, shut up!

The Right: Oh, it must be so horrible for you that you can’t use the gender card and in fact I’ve shown you up as sexist and of course you can’t use the race card either.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, I’m going, you’re not playing fair, you expect too much from her.

The Right: Yeah, expecting her to live up to what she says is just too much to expect.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, why you….. you…..

The Right: So you’ve made a couple of U-turns! She didn’t though, she just stood there and blatantly showed herself up for the money grubbing hypocrite she really is and always has been.

Not Right: (Storming off in hysterics) Oh, ah, well she um, you racist!

The Right: Oh? What race is ‘money grubbing hypocrite’? The answer of course is it isn’t a race.

Not Right: Oh, ah, well she um, you’re sexist!

The Right: It isn’t a gender either.


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