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Sunday, 16 February 2014

How Can They Be The Fools When They've Fooled You?

This is an analogy of political promises, the outcomes and the response of some of the electorate.

A politician is like someone who promises to wash your car in exchange for total immunity from the consequences of their actions and being able to borrow money that you have to pay back. In fact you don’t have a say in it, the rules were drawn up a long time ago and you’ve never really challenged them. You just get to pick who washes your car.

The politician then proceeds to ‘wash’ your car by scrubbing it with steel wool. You still have to pay for this car washing service and then you have to take your car to get resprayed. The respray shop is owned by one of the politicians’ friends and receives subsidies that are paid for by you. You also have to pay for the respray. You are out of pocket for all of this and ask where you’re supposed to get the money. You have no real choice and get the money somehow. Just skip some meals, don’t pay your electricity bill, you’ll be fine.

You eventually get sick of all this and engage a politician from somewhere else to wash your car. You think this will teach your current politician a lesson as they are now out of a job.

The politician is now unemployed a you have your revenge. The now ex politician is immediately given a very large pension. You’re paying. They will also soon get a well-paying job at the respray shop.

Meanwhile the new politician has ‘washed’ your car using steel wool and a sledgehammer. You’ve pretty much been ripped off and facing more costs. Your response is to call the politician’s in question fools as you pay the bills they are running up. 

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