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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Left vs. Right: Show Them You Care With Trillions In Debt

Lefty: Obama Is The Man! He Cares About America!!

Conservative: Yeah, nothing says caring like over $7 trillion in new debt!

Lefty: Yeah, well, there were more important things to pay for like Obamacare.

Conservative: And paying his friends the big bucks to fix the dud computer system they were paid the big bucks to create, paying for his $100 million plus vacations around the world when many Americans, including the people who voted for him, are suffering and losing everything they have thanks to his policies.

Lefty: Bush raised debt so everything Obama does is Bush’s fault. Obama is the better man and you’re just jealous! You hate Obama because he is black!!

Conservative: The fact that previous presidents have raised debt does not somehow justify Obama increasing it by more than half within 6 years. Obama and the rest of the Democrats are no better than the EBT recipients who looted Walmart when the system was down, the only difference is Obama and friends are unlikely to be called to account for their looting and as far as your race card is concerned will you once and for all understand that we know you only use it because you can’t back up your argument with real facts.

Lefty: So you’re saying that all people on welfare would loot Walmart if they could now are you? That’s just typical stereotyping by you racist conservatives!

Conservative: And there’s some typical lefty changing the subject and twisting what’s been said. You know you can’t win the point on Obama and the debt he’s raised so you switch gears and misrepresent a point I made along with the predictable cries of racism. To clarify, I was not referring to all welfare recipients, just the ones who looted Walmart. And to further clarify welfare is not a race.

Lefty: You’re just changing your story because I think what you’re saying is bad.

Conservative: I wouldn’t change my story because you think something I say is bad, I will not deny anything I’ve said but I will change my perspective if proven wrong. That has not happened here though, I was only referring to the people who looted Walmart.

Lefty: Well I thought you meant all of them.

Conservative: Well since I didn’t specifically say all of them I could ask why didn’t you just ask me to clarify my point instead but I already know the answer. You can’t debate without properly addressing the point so you have to rely on the predictable tactics that are more and more backfiring on you.

Lefty: That is racist!

Conservative: What race is tactics?

Lefty: I’m going now, if you don’t want to debate properly then I don’t want to be here.

Conservative: (To fellow conservative friend nearby) The lefty version of debating properly is expecting us follow the script they have in their mind where we freak out and concede defeat every time they insult us.

Lefty: That’s not true, you lot are just racist!

Conservative: You said you were going, why are you back?

Lefty: (Storming off) I just can't reason with you racist @#$%^&*!

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