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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Left vs. Right: Of Taxing Times.

Lefty: Abbott needs to keep the carbon tax to combat climate change. 

Conservative: It’s summer.

Lefty: Oh, Sorry. Abbott needs to keep the carbon tax to combat the global warming we are experiencing. Thanks to him wanting to repeal it we’ve had the hottest summer of all time and there are bush fires as well!

Conservative: Using that logic then that proves the carbon tax is not stopping global warming if this is our hottest summer of all time. And bushfires in Australia, what a surprise! It would appear in a few cases global warming ignited matches that just happened to be in some people’s hands while they were out in the bush!

Lefty: The carbon tax was working well until Abbott got in!

Conservative: What? The carbon tax hasn’t been repealed yet!

Lefty: Well no, but you’ve got to have faith in it. The second you lose faith it fails.

Conservative: More like you lot have just been hoping the weather matches what you say. Tell me how a minor reduction in Australia’s carbon emissions will change anything?

Lefty: Australia has one of the highest carbon emissions outputs per capita in the world! It must be reduced as soon as possible!!

Conservative: But Australia’s total output is less than 1% of the world total. All the carbon tax has done is driven Australian industries offshore. They’ve gone from a country that has pollution controls to countries that have little if any pollution controls. The result is increased unemployment here in Australia and increased pollution elsewhere.

Lefty: No! It’s OK!! The carbon tax compensation will help them!

Conservative: No it won’t! People face losing everything, many people already have. The carbon tax has done nothing except rip money out of Australia. And where has the money gone? It’s gone to green scams and the UN which has its own climate scam department!

Lefty: You know nothing about the environment! The science is settled!! 250% of scientists around the world believe in global warming! The carbon tax has reduced all that horrible looking carbon pollution we had to deal with every day in Australia!!

Conservative: Carbon is not a pollutant and it is invisible.

Lefty: This is discrimination! You are against the environment!! You are a climate change racist!

Conservative: Well in that case it would be climate change sexism. We are after all talking about mother Earth which is a female entity.

Lefty: Oh, you just know everything don’t you?!

Conservative: Not at all but it’s obvious I know more than you.

Lefty: You racist!

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