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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Left vs. Right: Left Or Right, Are You Asleep Or Awake?

Asleep: I finished that article on my blog by saying ‘politicians are fools’. 

Awake: You’ve misspelled liars. 

Asleep: I don’t get what you mean. 

Awake: Liars is not spelled F, O, O, L, S. 

Asleep: I still don’t get what you mean. 

Awake: Politicians are not fools, they are liars. 

Asleep: They are fools. Their policies usually backfire and fail, they never achieve what they say they’re trying to achieve. 

Awake: That’s because they are liars. They never intended to keep the promises they made to you. They are looking for a completely different result. 

Asleep: No, that can’t be it. I can’t see what they could achieve by doing that. Why would they lie? 

Awake: Because they are scamming you, they’re not going to admit it but if you stop looking at them as fools you’ll see it more clearly especially since they aren’t really hiding it either. 

Asleep: But you wouldn’t do something like borrowing and spending all that money and have nothing to show for it if you weren’t a fool! 

Awake: But you would if you were a politician because as far as they are concerned they will have something to show for it. 

Asleep: But I can’t see how they could have anything to show the country for all the debt they’ve left us. 

Awake: That’s because you’re not looking at what they are really doing. One politician I know of got a lucrative job on leaving politics because they gave a small country about $300 million for a special project. It caught the eye of a big group with lots of money as hoped and now the politician has a long term job with that group. They’ll get $300,000 per year and that’s on top of the six figure pension they got on leaving politics. 

Asleep: No, that’s silly. You wouldn’t give $300 million out just to get $300,000 back for a few years, that’s a rotten investment. 

Awake: You wouldn’t, they would. When you invest or speculate you take the risk. When they invest they don’t take the risk and that’s because they are using our money. 

Asleep: Nah, $300 million to get a few payments of $300,000? Like I said, rotten investment. 

Awake: That $300 million is money they can’t spend on themselves but they can give it away somewhere specific and hope it catches the eye of a potential employer of ex politicians. That $300,000 is money they can use and it’s on top of a pension of maybe $150,000, $200,000 or even larger sums.

Asleep: But like I said, you wouldn’t give away $300 million to get some smaller amounts back. It doesn’t make sense at all. If they did that they wouldn’t be trying to do their jobs properly.

Awake: You need to change your perspective. The $300 million is not their own money and they don’t have to pay it back and they are not trying to do their jobs properly as in how you think they should do it. They are ensuring they are set for life and we are paying for it all. They are not fools. 

Asleep: Not even trying? Oh, they are such idiots aren’t they??

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