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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Left vs. Right: How The Truth Offends Some.

Lefty: You’re offensive!

Conservative: How?

Lefty: Your attitude, especially to debating! Why am I always expected to admit I am wrong?

Conservative: Being right is not something you take in turns. You’re either right in what you are saying or you aren’t. Anyway, you never directly admit you are wrong but when you cry racist I take that as a roundabout admission of defeat on your part.

Lefty: I don’t always cry racist! Admit it now!!

Conservative: Actually that’s correct.

Lefty: I win, as usual, I always win! Always have, always will!!

Conservative: If you always win why were you saying earlier that you are always expected to admit defeat? If you are so blatantly right no one would suggest you admit defeat just as I am not admitting defeat right now. You are correct in pointing out you don’t always cry racist and I never said you did. What you sometimes do is cry sexist. If that doesn’t work you claim……………

Lefty (interrupting): I’m going right now, I just can’t talk to you because you are unreasonable!

Conservative: For once you actually took the words right out of my mouth.

Lefty: You racist!

Conservative: Oh change the record will ya!

Lefty: I have no idea what that means so I win, somehow! Admit you are devastated!! I am so good no one dares question me!

Conservative: So why did you say earlier you are expected to admit defeat?

Lefty: Oh change the record will ya!

Conservative: Please tell me what that means.

Lefty: Oh, so you don't know? Ha, I win!

Conservative: I know what it means, I want to make sure my meaning matches yours.

Lefty: You racist!

Conservative (with a touch of sarcasm): Oh, it looks like it means different things to us then doesn't it?

**crickets chirping**


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