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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Left vs. Right, Debt Is Not A Problem (Especially When You Don’t Have To Pay It Back!)

A special thank you to the Underpants Gnomes of South Park for the idea behind this one.

Lefty: Why can’t you conservatives realise what we are doing is for the greater good?

Conservative: How is raising taxes, raising debt and crippling the economy for the greater good?

Lefty: It just is OK, you shouldn’t question us.

Conservative: Is that the answer your lefty masters gave you when you asked?

Lefty: Masters? Some of them are women………… I mean we are so right that no answer will be enough for you.

Conservative: Any attempt at an answer would be a start.

Lefty: Well it’s simple, step 1: borrow way too much money. Step 2:? Step 3: Success! We shall win, our way is guaranteed to succeed!! You have no comeback to that!

Conservative: I don’t think anyone could have a comeback to that nonsense! I do have a question though.

Lefty: Oh, what is it?

Conservative: What is step 2 exactly?

Lefty: Um, well, it’s the step before success!

Conservative: I’d laugh if I didn’t know you’re actually serious. What will you do when this fails to live up to its promise?

Lefty: Well we’ll just raises taxes and borrow more money, it’s no big deal. Anyway we’ve promised the Sandra Flukes of the world free birth control and I want to start a social program to help gay minority single parents get in touch with themselves and these programs aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Conservative: And it goes without saying you won’t either. Why should myself and other taxpayers have to pay for all this?

Lefty: No, no, the government would be paying.

Conservative: I'm sure you've been told before the government gets the money from taxpayers and we are Taxed Enough Already to pay for all the free spending of left wing governments! We can’t afford any more of this!!

Lefty: Oh whatever, you’re just so negative. We’ll just raise taxes and borrow more money……………..

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