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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Premier Actions By Queenslands New Premier

Premier Campbell Newman slashes VIP box spending

By Steven Wardill From The Courier-Mail

A THIRD category of government spending is set to be cut with the dumping of taxpayer-funded corporate boxes at major Queensland sports stadiums.

Premier Campbell Newman told Cabinet ministers at their first meeting the Government would not retain any corporate hospitality boxes.

The ban on corporate boxes will also extend to all government-owned corporations, which will have to relinquish boxes or hire them out to private users to raise money.

The ban includes facilities at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Metricon Stadium, Skilled Park, The Gabba, Dairy Farmers Stadium, Queensland Tennis Centre and Queensland Sports and Athletic Centre.

"We will make no apologies for saving money right across the Government, because my team's top priority is to ease cost-of-living pressures for Queensland families and to do this we need to get the state's finances under control and get money back to frontline services,'' Mr Newman said last night.

"From what I have already seen, the finances of Queensland are in a bad way and we'll continue to make sensible decisions to get our budget back in the black.'' (Full Story)
Campbell Newman is off to a good start.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing compared with some secret bills (not yet before the Qld parliament) that Cap’n Bligh referenced 3 times in oblique one liners over the last 6 months. This plan is now just emerging. The plan was to increase the cost of electricity to householders by far more than one has envisaged with the carbon tax. Then, the real blow to our state’s economy, was a determination that certain businesses, charities, non-profit organisations, schools, churches, etc. would be deemed, based upon their usage by a secret formula that SEQEB holds, to be “wholesalers” of electricity and so causing enormous cost rises, well beyond what you could imagine, and in terms of hundreds of thousands of dollars for medium sized businesses. These cost increases would be released by notices from second tier billers and giving businesses two weeks’ notice of the increase. The only avenue of relief was to be through the courts.

More will emerge over the next few days. The million dollar question is: WILL CAN-DO CAN THIS? Watch this space.

Cap’n Bligh

Wayne Wilson said...

I would still like him to return electricity services to state run regional boards. We paid over $700 for the quarter on our electricity service. In five years that is a 200% increase. Freezing the prices is not enough, the business model has to be removed, and the profits from power supply used only for the operation of power supply as it was before the Cheshire Cat sucked it dry and trashed it.