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Friday, 16 April 2010

Time and Time Again

Anna Bligh has brought the
daylight savings issue back into limelight. It’s something of a contentious issue in Queensland and not without good reason. Apparently the South East wants it and the rest of the state doesn’t so to keep the situation simple(?) the government wants to split the state into two time zones.

It's been a hot topic in Western Australia as well, it looks like they won't adopt daylight saving but in their case it doesn’t matter too much as it’s a single state in its time zone, Queensland is in the same time zone as New South Wales and Victoria and apparently the different times are causing problems for interstate business. That said wouldn’t that mean that business between the eastern states and the rest of Australia would have the same problem?

To have the eastern states in the same time zone could be a good argument for having daylight saving in Queensland, the argument against based on complaints that it will cause problems to farming routines could be easily dealt with as well.


Anonymous said...

Yet another smokescreen to
deflect the attention of
voters away from all the
stuff-ups, rip-offs and
other calamities of this
tired, decrepid and sheer
hopeless state government.

Jeremy Michaels said...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder what grand funding announcement will be made by Bligh now, to groom the voters for next time, seeing the daylight saving free kick has already been taken.

Jeremy Michaels said...

The daylight saving issue is worth several free kicks to her, that and the fact that many won't vote her out based on the reasoning that the opposition are no better so there's no point voting for them and Anna will realise she's lucky to get back in. The problem there is that Anna Bligh and Co. seem to take that as a sign of approval and a mandate to do whatever they want. Even if the opposition are no better I doubt they'd be any worse and at least kicking Labor out will give them the kick in the pants they need and possibly force them to clean up their act.