Facts speak louder than statistics

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Looking at the UN

Once upon a time the United Nations (UN) served a purpose, it was a useful place for the US and the USSR to rant and rave and essentially help defuse the potentially lethal disputes between the two. The UN also branched out into other areas but its effect in these other areas was always minimal.

With the dissolution of the USSR the UN really does not serve any purpose now. It’s essentially a jumped up world government wannabe that doesn’t take effective action against the problems of the world.

Its way of dealing with conflicts in the world seems to be turning a lot of people into refugees and moving them elsewhere as opposed to removing the problem in those countries.

One way the UN does seem to deal with things is blaming everything on the US while relying heavily on US to fund its operations.

The UN is more than happy to take money from anyone though.

One example of UN ineptness is the 2004 Tsunami, the response from UN seemed to be placing some of its upper echelon into luxury hotels to examine the situation from afar. This sort of strategy delays meaningful and effective action, bumps up so called administration cost and soaks up any money that is allocated and/or donated. The USA on the other hand swung into action to give assistance where needed and as fast as possible as there was simply no time to waste in giving help.

So to sum up this world government wannabe we can use its own initials to put it into perspective.



And UNfortunately this situation makes me feel very UNcomfortable.