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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Smart Driving

Some time ago the Queensland Government showed a graphic road safety ad designed to shock people into being safe on the road by openly showing the horrible consequences of dangerous driving, a dead mother, a crying baby, the guilt stricken driver etc. All heart breaking images pushed upon us to shock us all back into a safe driving lifestyle.

That campaign is long over. Did it work? No. As I commented previously all these commercials were doing was preaching to the converted, the people who were generally safe on the roads. They were getting a reminder to stay safe. The people who were actually driving as shown in the commercial don’t really seem to care about the possible consequences.

I also emailed the Queensland Government about the ads asking if penalties for dangerous driving were going to be increased as well since tougher penalties could be a more effective deterrent against dangerous driving. No response.

Because of this I believe the ads were just a token show to make it look like that something was being done to combat dangerous driving, meanwhile the same drivers are still doing the same things regardless of what commercials are on TV.

Some of these drivers are the ones who are always out showing off to their friends. They’re always out so they aren’t going to see any commercials. Others are people who have had a few drinks. Alcohol can have a habit of not making you care about things like some commercial you may have glanced at and how what you do affects other people.

For something like this I would look for a more salesmanship like approach, the same tactic a lot of businesses use to sell their products.

That tactic is ‘how will it benefit you?’

While many do care to a degree about people around them there are unfortunately those who only care about themselves. If there were some more stringent deterrents in place then the people who actually drive dangerously could be shocked into driving safely more effectively than the previous commercials ever could. “Drive dangerously and YOU will lose your precious car that you have spent a fortune making look good, drive safely and we will leave you alone.” Or “Drive dangerously and YOU will get fined and go to jail, drive safely and we will leave you alone.”

In other words you will have the answers before they ask what’s in it for them.

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