Facts speak louder than statistics

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The Roads

Do we all remember the recent safe driving campaign in Queensland where several bad accidents are shown in an attempt to shock people into becoming safer drivers?

Can we really says it's working?

Today at Bardon someone drove through a pedestrian crossing that has lights when the lights were red. Luckily the pedestrians were still looking when they crossed and did not proceed into the path of this reckless driver otherwise they may have been the next victims shown on a safe driving commercial. The incident was reported to the police who did take a report but candidly admitted there's not much they can do short of having a word with the driver. Fine, that's better than nothing, it might remind the driver that bad driving is noticed.

At Arana Hills just as I approached a set of lights, they changed to yellow, I noticed in my mirror the car behind me had stopped but the car behind them over took them and shot through the lights. Later on someone over took me when I was in the left lane near Albany Creek and then took the next street on the left. They could have waited the extra five seconds it would have taken if they had stayed behind me as opposed to squeezing through traffic to over take.

Gruesome images as shown in the Queensland safe driving campaign are pretty much stock standard images often seen in television shown and movies and only remind safe drivers to stay safe, it's going to take more than some blood and a few heart wrenching images to convince the bad drivers actually targeted by the campaign to change their ways.

The safe driving ad needs to be followed up with a greater police presence, changing the police status from "not a lot they can do" to "something worthwhile they can do" and most of all some appropriate sentencing for traffic offenders.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

The World

Welcome to The World

It's the name of a nightclub, an arena, a friends house, this very planet and now this blog, I'm looking to post on a variety of subjects with a different approach than what I've seen elsewhere, looking for what's right as opposed to looking like I'm right and looking at the facts as they are as opposed to twisting the facts to suit me.

If there's any subject you would like to see posted here email me at world.central -at- gmail.com