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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Expensive Problems, Expensive Solutions And More Proof They Can’t Be Trusted.

In the wake of the latest expenses scandal prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has proposed an ‘independent tribunal’ be created to set politicians expenses.

Another costly layer of bureaucracy is needed? Really?? And who will be part of this tribunal? Very likely people in big business the current government wants to gain favour with, ex MP’s looking for an easy gig and a few assorted relatives. No doubt the tribunal will also be highly paid for their ‘challenging and complex’ work.

And when this well paid tribunal rules it’s OK for politicians to charge taxpayers for shopping trips and parties and anything else they feel like the politicians will go “we're not doing anything wrong, the tribunal said it’s OK. It’s nothing to do with us, they’re independent!

What this is ultimately telling us is we just can’t trust most of our politicians to do the right thing. It’s a no brainer that expenses are to cover reasonable costs while conducting business. A commercial flight back to a politician’s electorate and transport to an important local sporting event that doubles as meet and greet with the electorate is in that range. Charter flights back home when you’ve missed the last flight through bad timekeeping and trips to friends parties is not reasonable and it doesn’t take an overpaid ‘independent tribunal’ to tell us that.

No one would really begrudge politicians reasonable expenses in the course of their work, trouble is our parliament is admitting it can no longer be trusted. If we can’t trust them to reasonably set their own expenses how can we trust them to run the country?

Based on their current form we cannot. They are blatantly forwarding their own interests ahead of the nations and they are doing it right under our noses and at our expense. As the saying goes, it’s time to drain the swamp and we need to drain it soon before it is too late. 

With the ever increasing debt and our governments serving interests other than Australia’s there is no way we can continue to just sit back and let it happen.

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