Facts speak louder than statistics

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It’s Our Fault, They Aren’t Responsible! Somehow……….

The following is a representation of a discussion with the left as to why terrorists commit their acts of terrorism. The answer is pretty straightforward but for some reason the left can’t seem to see it.

Leftist Denial: why are they attacking us?

Reality: We’ve done nothing, it’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: What could the problem be, If only we could work out what we’ve done wrong and see some sort of connection between the attacks.

R: Open borders, lax immigration policies allowing Stone Age ways of life to take root in the West. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: But once they’re in the West they grow as people and support gay marriage, women’s rights, freedom and more importantly they vote for left wing parties, there’s no reason for them to attack!

R: It’s not where they live, it’s how they live. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: It must be the poverty the white male patriarchy is forcing them to live in causing them to lash out. It’s perfectly reasonable and understandable they’d behave this way.

R: Many of them are rich, most of the others are certainly not starving and poverty exists in all other demographic groups and those people aren’t committing acts of terrorism. Poverty is not making a certain group commit acts of terrorism. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: Maybe people are being racist towards them because of their faith.

R: They are not a racial group, and any issues are mostly down to the fact their culture is not compatible with ours. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: It must be because we’re isolating them from mainstream society and they’re lashing out.

R: We don’t do that, they chose to isolate themselves from others. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: Maybe we aren’t respecting their ways enough.

R: By attacking us for our freedoms they certainly aren’t showing our ways any respect. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: Maybe we need to make more heart signs at the sky, carry multiple concerns, talk about inclusion, talk about climate change, start a hashtag campaign, change our profile pics, tell people that the terrorists aren’t evil and how white people are racist.

R: How about you do something that looks for the real causes and offer a solution. I've been telling you all along what the problem is. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: You've been useless with this, you've been no help in working out how we’re to blame for their acts of terrorism!

R: I've been telling you all along what the problem is. It’s their way of life that’s the problem. And your side is helping them by refusing to listen to what people are telling you and by being in denial about the real issues.

LD: You’re racist

R: We aren’t talking about a race. It’s their way of life that’s the problem along with your refusal to stop your useless virtue signalling and look at what’s really going on.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Becoming A Republic Will Solve All Problems! Somehow........

We’re going to be a republic! The politicians say so, we can’t resist! After all, the politicians say so. Never mind what you really think of them, they said so and that’s all it will take! It will be a great day for Australia and everything will be fine and dandy! Just suspend your disbelief and vote how the government tells you to!

If the proposed republic does not contain a bill of rights then it's not worth anything to the Australian people.

Our rights are already under assault from the Liberal/Labor/Green alliance and could potentially be stripped away completely if we vote for a republic.

In other words if politicians want it then it's something that is for their benefit only. 

The Australian Republican Movement also constantly misrepresents our relationship to the UK and the Crown. For one thing Australia is an independent nation and our relationship to the UK is not a subordinate one. The UK cannot in any way pass legislation binding upon Australia and even in the past when they could, by convention they did not.

As far as the Crown is concerned, Elizabeth the Second is specifically Queen of Australia and it is a completely separate crown to the UK and other Commonwealth realms despite being held by the same person. Also the Queen is not foreign, she is family, we have a closely tied history to the UK as well as countries such as New Zealand and the relationship is an equal one. 

As a bonus the only time we have to pay anything towards the Crown is when the Queen is actually in the country and it’s pretty much the same cost we pay when any other head of state or dignitary visits the country. Even as a republic we’d still have to cover this cost should Elizabeth or her successors visit.

If you want to accept the Queen as foreign though then you could suggest the Australian Republican Movement is xenophobic given how foreigners are pouring onto our shores to live in this country.

In all seriousness though, at this time becoming a republic has nothing to offer us and could cost us dearly. It’s not something we can just adopt and then fix it as we go, it needs to be pretty much the right way to go from the start. If we vote for a model that actually takes away our rights we’ll be hard pressed to get them back.

All the republican movement is doing at the moment is distracting us from the very real issues we face and we possibly face losing our rights with promises of independence and sovereignty that we actually already have. These rights are currently being undermined by the Liberal/Labor/Green alliance so you can imagine the model for a republic they would present.

Instead of ‘throwing off’ the Monarchy we’d be better off throwing out the politicians and special interest groups that are serving their own agendas’ and egos to the detriment of the people of Australia and the very real sovereignty and independence this country already has.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Other People’s Money, Always

A representation of conversations between the socialist left and conservative right.
Socialist Left: We should be sending more taxpayers money overseas. We could fix all the problems in the world and people would thank us socialists!

Conservative Right: That’s not what it’s there for.

SL: What? Of course it is, it’s taxpayers money! And we should force Superannuation funds to build more renewable energy sources! Think of all the wind turbines it could fund!!

CR: That’s not what it’s there for.

SL: There you go again with that negativity! What’s your problem with my ideas? Jealous you didn’t think of it?

CR: Taxpayers money is taken from taxpayers for the benefit of this country and Superannuation is for funding peoples retirements and it needs to invest where there will be a return on that investment.

SL: There will be a return, once we cut down a lot of trees and put up more turbines the environment will somehow benefit! People have got to stop being so selfish, it’s not their money anyway.

CR: Yes it is, taxpayers have a right to have a say in how the money that was taken from them is spent and Superannuation money is private investment money held in trust. It belongs to the account holder, not the fund managers or the government and it certainly isn't there for your benefit.

SL: You’re just annoyed that a university student knows more than you. I’m sure people wouldn't mind their money being used in the way I want it to be used.

CR: Do you have a job? Have you ever held a job?? Have you ever placed any hard earned money in an investment looking for a return?

SL: Well no but I don’t see what that has to do with anything, keep your micro aggressions to yourself!

CR: Got any money in the bank?

SL: Yeah, I got some for my birthday, I got it in an interest bearing account, I’m going to come out with more money than I put in and still be below the tax threshold!

CR: Well let’s use your money, give some to an overseas aid program and invest the rest in a renewable energy project.

SL: But that’s my money, we should be using taxpayers money for that and Superannuation funds.

CR: In other words, other people’s money. Put your money where your mouth is or stop demanding the rest of us fund your fantasies.

SL: You racist!

CR: Gosh, who didn't see that coming.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Nation Bankrupting Network

The National Broadband Network (NBN) promised to transform how Australians used the Internet. We heard tales of how it was super-fast and could handle downloads of over a terabyte in scant seconds.

This was one of those deals where the taxpayer would have to foot the bill for vitally needed infrastructure. Due to certain logistical issues in Australia apparently there was no way private enterprise could afford to build the NBN.

But never mind that, we will all benefit! And businesses in regional Australia could finally compete more effectively with the rest of the world.

It would be truly a wonder of the age and all for the low price to the taxpayer of $15 billion. The prime minister at that time jotted down a few sketches, made up a few numbers and a new era was born.

Then reality struck. While the idea of replacing the copper network was actually a good plan given that the copper network is falling apart and businesses were being affected by a lack of reliable service the NBN wasn’t actually going to be super-duper fast. It was only going to be as fast as the rest of the Internet. If a webpage is only giving out data at 20 megabytes per second that’s how fast it would come up at your end.  It wasn't really going to speed things up, the actual benefit of the NBN was that it wasn't going to slow things down and we’d be getting Internet at its real speed.

The approach to building the NBN used by Labor was a fantasy land approach with heavy leanings towards socialism. This didn’t take into account the existing landscape in the communications industry. The NBN plan would rely heavily on the cooperation of the big two players in the communication market and they weren’t going to just hand over their infrastructure to the ‘greater good’ as presented by Labor or just plough their profits into the NBN.

One example is when Telstra decided to use the $11 billion they received for their cable conduits on their own business. The socialist approach used by Labor expected Telstra to invest the money in the NBN, in other words just give it back and in essence hand over their conduits for nothing.

On top of that were negligent business practices within NBN and constant political interference.

When Labor unveiled their shiny new NBN they never actually promised to build it properly.

Costs have massively blown out. Cable conduits and telephone exchanges are already in place and that alone should have helped save large sums of money but the costs to the taxpayer blew out anyway.

Then there was a change of government who came up with a plan to create a hybrid system which made use of the rapidly deteriorating copper network in conjunction with the NBN template. Instead of having optical fibre go straight to the customers premises it was copper wire instead. This would somehow save money and somehow not affect speeds too much.

The hybrid plan also included using the cables on the Optus pay TV network hanging up on telegraph poles and more money was thrown at the NBN project. Costs blew out even further when it was found the coaxial cables that were in use were near the end of their useful life.

The original NBN plan should in theory be quite workable and actually be able to get ahead with a business minded conservative government at the helm yet it was pointlessly changed and in the process costs kept blowing out. Given the deterioration of the copper network the plans should have been kept to replace it completely, not retain it where it would still cause issues and costs.

As a result of this what we now have is a mish mash of a network. Some areas have the NBN come to their premises by optical fibre. These people usually enjoy high speeds and reliable service. In areas with the hybrid setup there have been serious service problems and in areas without the NBN they simply have slow Internet as before and aren’t as able to make use of streaming services as effectively as other areas.

Like the electricity network Australia’s Internet is being dragged down to third world standards but don’t despair, many of the friends of both the Liberal and Labor parties have made a lot of money acting in executive roles in NBN Co. Not only that there will be jobs for years to come as more taxpayers money is handed out to companies to fix the many problems that have been built into the mighty National Broadband Network.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Renewable Energy Is Just Renewed Scamming

Here is what the renewable energy scam is doing to the economy and what it is doing for the environment.

What it is doing to the economy is destroying it. What it is doing for the environment is nothing.

Here’s what’s happening in the economy. Because electricity prices keep going up people have less money to spend on other goods and services. Because electricity prices have gone up businesses have had to increase their prices and cut their costs where possible resulting in people losing their jobs.

Here’s what’s happening in the environment. Because so much attention has been on the green scams the real problems we face such as overpopulation, deforestation, rubbish in our oceans and ongoing crises such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster are not getting the attention they need.

It doesn’t matter what magical accounting they use or make believe stories they push to make it seem acceptable, the fact is the economy is getting worse. Electricity disconnections for non-payment are on the rise and our power grid is being reduced to third world standards.

It doesn’t matter how scary the green brigade make their stories, the whole renewables deal is still a scam. CO2 is not a pollutant, human output is only a small amount of the annual CO2 output, the climate has always changed and taxes cannot change the climate or the environment.

What’s been happening in the state of South Australia is a sign of things to come for the rest of the country as politicians pursue outrageous renewable energy targets. Prices there are the highest in Australia and their economy is collapsing. The SA electricity network couldn’t deal with an increase of wind and had to shut down and then its cheap infrastructure came apart. Businesses are now looking to conduct their business in other states or offshore where there is reliable and cheaper power.

As reliable power stations are closed we’re going to be left in the dark and not just because of renewable electricity’s unreliability, we also won’t be able to afford to power our homes anymore.

People are told they will have to make more cuts to their spending and change their lifestyle but why should they have to? People should get the benefit of their own money and spend it on what they want to spend it on. Many people have already cut their budgets as much as is possible but the trouble is politicians and green groups are very keen to spend other people’s money and keep devising ways to scam more money from people.

The scammers will try and justify the cost while glossing over the problems they cause with statements like it’s only a couple of dollars a week more or it’s just a 10% increase and it shouldn’t  be an issue and then follow that by saying it’s all for the environment.

Here’s some very basic economics that the scammers deliberately ignore, if someone gets $500 a week and that full amount is earmarked to cover $500 worth of costs then you won’t get a single cent out of them let alone a couple more dollars.

And it’s not for the environment, for one thing the manufacture of wind turbines create more pollution than using them supposedly prevents.

When technologies and products are superseded and made obsolete the new technologies and products are ones that are much more efficient and so much better it makes the preceding technology obsolete. One example is mobile (cell) phones. Modern mobiles are cheap, sleek, have good transmission range, clear reception and can do anything like make videos, stream your favourite programs etc. while the originals only had a few functions and limited range and transmission quality.

Look at televisions. The originals were bulky, had small screens and could only receive transmissions in black and white. Now you can get large and sleek TV’s with multiple functions and high definition picture quality.

Both items and many others are more efficient than their predecessors as well as being cheaper.

The reverse is happening with energy generation as the reliable and steady sources of generation are replaced with inefficient wind turbines and solar which cannot maintain a reliable level of supply and requires massive subsidies and high prices to stay in business.

And that raises another lie of the scammers, they claim renewables are a competitive form of energy. If something requires massive subsidies it is not competitive.

The powers that be don’t care though, they ultimately benefit and will do all they can to make sure they are immune from the destruction of our electricity grid.

The whole deal with renewable energy is a scam. Always has been, always will be.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

We Owe Nothing

The current woes in many parts of the world are blamed on colonialism and supposedly only aid money will ‘right that wrong’. 

Say what you will about the effects of colonialism, it ended decades ago and is not the reason why many countries are now going nowhere. 

On the issue of aid, billions have been pumped into these third world nations from the West and they are getting worse. 

Foreign aid is not helping, it’s time to stop pussy footing around the issue and deal with the real problems. 

On a side note, after most of the colonies gained independence many of the people in those countries fled to the countries of their former colonial masters. Guess the West isn’t such an evil place after all.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Expensive Problems, Expensive Solutions And More Proof They Can’t Be Trusted.

In the wake of the latest expenses scandal prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has proposed an ‘independent tribunal’ be created to set politicians expenses.

Another costly layer of bureaucracy is needed? Really?? And who will be part of this tribunal? Very likely people in big business the current government wants to gain favour with, ex MP’s looking for an easy gig and a few assorted relatives. No doubt the tribunal will also be highly paid for their ‘challenging and complex’ work.

And when this well paid tribunal rules it’s OK for politicians to charge taxpayers for shopping trips and parties and anything else they feel like the politicians will go “we're not doing anything wrong, the tribunal said it’s OK. It’s nothing to do with us, they’re independent!

What this is ultimately telling us is we just can’t trust most of our politicians to do the right thing. It’s a no brainer that expenses are to cover reasonable costs while conducting business. A commercial flight back to a politician’s electorate and transport to an important local sporting event that doubles as meet and greet with the electorate is in that range. Charter flights back home when you’ve missed the last flight through bad timekeeping and trips to friends parties is not reasonable and it doesn’t take an overpaid ‘independent tribunal’ to tell us that.

No one would really begrudge politicians reasonable expenses in the course of their work, trouble is our parliament is admitting it can no longer be trusted. If we can’t trust them to reasonably set their own expenses how can we trust them to run the country?

Based on their current form we cannot. They are blatantly forwarding their own interests ahead of the nations and they are doing it right under our noses and at our expense. As the saying goes, it’s time to drain the swamp and we need to drain it soon before it is too late. 

With the ever increasing debt and our governments serving interests other than Australia’s there is no way we can continue to just sit back and let it happen.