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Monday, 19 September 2016

Greens Debating, Chicken Out And Run Away

The Greens are for open borders and calling anyone who disagrees with them racist. They aren’t for open discussion of the issues people are concerned about though which would explain why they walked out on Pauline Hanson’s speech

They had an opportunity to put their perspective head to head with an opposing point of view and show us what they’re all about, if they’re right and Pauline Hanson is wrong there was their chance to prove it.

Instead of making the case for why we should believe the Greens perspective is the one of choice the Greens ran from parliament and when out of earshot of Pauline they cried racist.

What they are really telling us is they don't have any facts to argue their case and are unable to put their point of view to the test. Like any charlatans they won’t stand up for what they claim they believe in, they stand up and run.

There is no real substance to the ideology the Greens are pushing, after all if they are so right why are they running away and calling people names from a distance?

The Greens have shown us what they’re really all about and they're not about serving the country. If they are not interested in tackling the real issues and representing the people who put them in parliament then they should stay out permanently.

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