Facts speak louder than statistics

Saturday, 23 April 2016

More Information, Minds Still Closed

With the Turnbull coup more people are starting to see the serious issues Australia is facing. When our constitution was drafted it was done with the belief you have certain rights and that people would never need to be protected from their governments because only gentlemen of good character would be elected and wouldn’t do certain things such as rig the voting system in their favour.

If the people drafting our constitution could foresee the riff-raff, con-artists and traitors we have in government today they would have spelled out exactly what governments can and can’t do and loaded it with so many protections that a politician wouldn’t even dream of betraying the nation.

But betray us they do and while there is no excuse for their treachery the electorate are largely complicit in it.

While the people we elect betray us and take us for a ride the people who voted them in sit back and let them and even make excuses for them. They call politicians fools and see them as poor little dears who don’t really know what they are doing. Since politicians are apparently oblivious to everything for some reason we don’t have to do anything to stop them.

Yep, apparently these people who ran an election campaign, got themselves voted in, have ensured they will be set for life and not adversely affected by their policies are just silly Billies who know nothing. Tell many otherwise and it either won’t register, they’ll become aggressive towards you (some people can’t handle being told they’ve been conned!) or they’ll come out with some amazing explanation of how politicians really are fools and how they will suffer for it when they’re voted out and collecting the massive pensions we pay for.

The conversations can sometimes go like this:

Apathetic voter: “Politicians are fools, Liberal and Labor suck, what can we do?"

Educated voter: "Try voting differently, there are other choices besides the two parties"

Apathetic voter: “But you waste your vote if you don't pick one of the major parties, what can we do?"

Educated voter: “You don’t waste your vote if you vote outside the two parties. It’s a polling booth to give you your say, not a betting shop where you have to pick the winner. Independents do get in.”

Apathetic voter: “No, no. I’ll just see what they promise this time around, I’m sure things will be different and get better. I’ll probably vote the same way I did last time, what can we do?"

Educated voter: “You can’t vote the same way and expect things to be different, especially now since there’s virtually no difference between the major parties. If you stay apathetic the con artists and traitors who make up our government will keep getting elected.”

Apathetic voter: No! They are just fools, if they were con artists like you say then they wouldn’t get elected because we’d do something about it. They’re just fools though and we can’t stop them, what can we do?"…………………

In the last quarter of a century there’s been more change in how we communicate than in all of human history. The Internet along with social media has made it easier than ever to pass information around. We’re finding out more than ever what politicians are really up to but despite this many remain in the ‘politicians are fools’ and ‘let’s vote the same’ mindset. Closed minds won’t change a single thing.