Facts speak louder than statistics

Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Fools Have Actually Fooled You

When an unpopular politician is voted out many will behave as if they've got one over on that politician. Many memes have been created showing a former politician as homeless or working at a fast food restaurant and generally having fallen on hard times and learning a hard lesson.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The politicians in question simply move on to bigger and better things and usually continue to receive a range of perks and benefits at taxpayers’ expense. If anything their attitude is along the lines of ‘bring it on!’ Sure they make some speech and look all sorrowful and surprised but they have to, can’t show too much enthusiasm or people might ask them some uncomfortable questions about what’s really going on.

As per the current tradition in politics the politicians will be called names such as fools and branded failures but from their own perspective they’ve succeeded big time. Sure they didn’t keep their promises but they only made the promises to get elected. They had a different agenda to carry out once elected. Part of that agenda is riding the parliamentary gravy train while planning for a life outside of politics.

So if anything it’s the electorate that’s been fooled and have failed to take notice of what’s really going on. Many don’t want to acknowledge this though, for some reason they feel it’s better to pretend the politicians ripping us off are just a bunch of fools.

And by that failure to notice they are inadvertently helping politicians to continue living it up at our expense while making our lives harder with their deliberate mismanagement of the nation. Politicians are not just some silly billies who happened to find themselves elected and have no idea what’s really going on as some would have you believe, they know exactly what they are doing.